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Dragon's Blood Extract 12:1

Price Kg: 190 € | Minimum Order: 30Kg

Fine dark red powder with characteristic taste and odour. Extraction with water and spray drying. The concentration of the extract is 12:1, 12 kg of dragon's blood latex for 1 kg of final dry extract. Natural oil free of antioxidants, colouring agents, dyes, flavourings, foreign matter, preservatives or solvents. Dragon's blood extract is rich in proanthocyanidins which gives it high antioxidant activity. It fights free radicals, slowing down premature ageing with an anti-ageing effect. It has regenerative properties, stimulating collagen formation. Due to its tapsin content, it has a healing and anti-irritant action.  


10Kg plastic bag in a box, 1Kg plastic bag in a box, 5Kg plastic bag in a box