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Next Gen Ingredients

100% Natural

Respecting the natural cycle of plants


Selected from the best local production areas on the planet.


High quality and efficiency thanks to the development of the Q'omer methodology, based on science and biotechnology.


Obtained by preserving the balance of nature and, using the most efficient commercial routes.


Positive impact on small producing communities around the world, with fair trade principles.


By means of blockchain technology, of the whole supply chain, guaranteeing quality and sustainability

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We have created an important community of producers and clients, moved by the same principles of respect for the place and the people of origin. More than 5,000 native producers, in more than 100 locations in the best production areas of the planet, together with more than 300 clients.

We put it into practice in a transversal way: environmentally, economically and socially. We ensure that we always use the most efficient trade routes, that ingredient sourcing practices are respectful of the natural cycle of the plants, and that the local native producing communities receive a fair price for their activity.

The development of our own methodology, based on science and biotechnology, allows us to offer our clients natural bioactive ingredients of the highest quality and effectiveness, guaranteed 100%.

We are so convinced of being able to show you everything that sets Qomer ingredients apart from the competition that we have opted for blockchain technology so that you can see the traceability of all our ingredients.

Q'omer is the first company that can demonstrate the high quality and effectiveness of its natural bioactive ingredients, obtained from the best producing areas of the planet, with principles of sustainability and fair trade for its producers.