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We distribute oils, botanical extracts, powders, flours, seeds, grains, and natural essences for both the Cosmetic and Food industry.

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High quality and scientifically-proven efficiency

100% Natural

Respecting the natural cycle of plants.


Selected from the best production areas around the globe.

The best-kept secret ingredient

New generation

100% Natural

Respecting the natural cycle of plants.


Obtained by preserving nature's balance and using the most efficient trade routes.


High quality and efficiency thanks to the development of
the Qomer methodology, based on science and biotechnology.


Positive impact on small producing communities of half the world with fair trade principles.


Selected from the best production areas around the globe.


Through blockchain technology throughout the whole supply chain, which guarantees quality and sustainability.

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The best-kept secret ingredient of healthy products which improve people's health and well-being and the natural environment.

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We are specialists in the commercialization of oils, butters, powders, flours, seeds, grains and botanical extracts for the industry. We are Qomer.

What makes us different

Why Qomer

We’ve created an important community of producers and clients, all moved by the same principles of respect for the place of origin and its people. Native producers in the best producing areas of the planet, together with our clients who stand up for quality and fair trade.

We put it into practice in a cross-cutting manner: environmentally, economically, and socially. We take special care in ensuring that we always take the most efficient trade routes, that we obtain all ingredients respecting each plant’s natural cycle, and that native producing communities receive a fair price for their activity.

The development of our own science and technology-based methodology allows us to offer natural bioactive high-quality and efficient ingredients to our clients. 100% guaranteed.

Qomer is the first company which can prove the high quality and efficiency of its sustainably-sourced natural ingredients. All of them are obtained from the best producing zones around the globe following sustainability and fair trade principles with each producer.

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