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Do you know the techniques of microencapsulation and submicroencapsulation? These are novel technologies that can help us to ensure that the substances we ingest reach our organism with their full potential.

We have all taken medicines or food supplements protected by edible capsules. Can you imagine this technique on a microscopic scale? So micro-encapsulation and encapsulation techniques at smaller scales are presented as a very powerful alternative to achieve maximum effect when we take supplements with substances that will cause us a beneficial effect.

At Q’omer® we have access to these techniques, in our continuous attempt to research and innovate to offer our customers the most advanced technology and with the greatest potential so that our raw materials reach consumers in the most natural way and that our compounds bioassets are as effective as possible.

The techniques of microencapsulation and submicroencapsulation allow to protect the substances of our interest from external agents that can damage them, oxidations, chemicals that can deteriorate them, as well as unfavourable external conditions such as heat or humidity.

Some substances are sensitive to these factors, for example Vitamin C or polyphenols, especially if they are of high purity. Oxidation of these compounds is frequent, as is also the case with unsaturated oils such as Omega 3, Omega 6… and they lose much of their functionality until they are ingested. In order for them to arrive in good condition and our organism to be able to absorb them, it is a good idea to protect them by means of microencapsulation techniques as an alternative to the addition of antioxidants or other compounds for their conservation.

En Q’omer® utilizamos tecnología muy avanzada para su protección y utilizamos materiales encapsulantes muy novedosos o incluso nos aprovechamos de la propia naturaleza de la materia prima para conseguir su microencapsulación.

Esta técnica está siendo muy utilizada en la industria alimentaria, en la industria farmacéutica y es muy interesante su aplicación en productos nutracéuticos y suplementos alimenticios ya que incluso se ha conseguido, en algunos casos, conseguir que las compuestos bioactivos se liberen en el lugar específico del tracto digestivo en el que son más susceptibles de ser absorbidos correctamente.

En Q’omer® nos preocupamos de que los productos que ofrecemos no se deterioren y que sus componentes cumplan su función en el organismo, y continuamos investigando para ofrecer a nuestros clientes nuestros ingredientes y materias primas de la forma más natural posible.