Q’omer Bioactive Ingredients, the first Spanish company member of the Union for Ethical Biotrade.

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Q’omer® Bioactive Ingredients, a technology-based company established in 2013, works from biotechnology offering natural, healthy and safe ingredients from native Latin American biodiversity for food, pharmacy and cosmetics.

The Union for Ethical Biotrade (UEBT), a not-for-profit association that promotes the “provision with respect” and supported by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)has included as the first Spanish member the Valencian company Q’omer® (HYPERLINK “http:///www.qomer.eu/”http://www.qomer.eu).

The UEBT promotes the sourcing of ingredients from biodiversity in a respectful, ethical and multi-criteria way that measures sustainability in three dimensions: economic, social and environmental, following the objectives of the CBD Convention on Biological Diversity and promoting sustainable development for poverty alleviation.

Q’omer®, was created last November 2013 and began its activities in January 2014. It was born as a social enterprise where the commitment to the native communities that supply raw materials is an axis of the work itself.

Being part of this Biotrade network at an international level is an achievement but also a challenge for Q’omer®, as acknowledged by Juan David Escobar, founding partner:

“this represents a commitment to gradually ensure that sourcing practices will promote biodiversity conservation, respecting traditional knowledge and ensuring a fair distribution of benefits throughout the supply chain”

The challenge is complex, but since the beginning of Q’omer® we have wanted to work from a responsible and ethical perspective where the native communities are not seen as mere suppliers but as strategic partners and part of the same process.

QMR bioactive ingredients

We speak of raw materials rich in bioactive properties good for health and well-being such as antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, digestive health, for the immune system, energy, etc. The aim of these raw materials is to reach the population from food, pharmaceuticals or cosmetics. The process aims at the same time to raise awareness of the importance of consumption of natural products, trying to gradually replace the chemicals to which we are accustomed by more natural and healthy ones.

Working hand in hand with social impacts in origin (Peru, Colombia, Ecuador) and destination (Valencian, Spanish, European context) makes the added value of Q’omeresen wanting to integrate a more productive and valuable way of working for all the parties involved.

The social demand for natural products that also meet equitable and sustainable criteria will be met through these products that include concepts such as: respect for the environment, for biodiversity, equitable treatment with suppliers, respect for traditional knowledge or responsible consumption.

More information:

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