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What does it mean if a product comes from organic farming? How important is Spain in organic production? What are the advantages of this alternative form of food production?

Agriculture has been part of the social and economic structure of human beings since we became a species and has evolved over the centuries incorporating new agricultural techniques.

Today, the concern about the products we consume every day through our diet leads us to wonder about the origin of our food and it is very likely that various issues will arise regarding agriculture. At Q’omer® we care about the origins of our products and know well the agricultural practices related to the production of many of them. We also want, from Q’omer® to make known the ecological products and the positive impact they have on the environment compared to conventional methods.

According to the European Commission, organic farming is an agricultural system whose ultimate aim is to provide consumers with fresh, tasty and authentic food, while respecting natural life-cycle systems.

What is organic food production?

Conceptually, organic agriculture and livestock farming is defined as a summary of agricultural techniques that generally exclude artificial synthetic chemicals, which preserve the environment, try to maintain the fertility of the fields and provide us with quality food.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment; organic production in Spain has experienced an important boom since its beginnings in the 1980s and also ranks among the first in the world in terms of cultivated area dedicated to this sector.

Production and market

If we refer to the world market, the intensity with which organic production is developed is also relevant, since in 2010 there were 160 countries with organic production in the world; as well as the continued growth in consumption of organic products, which in 2010 was over EUR 44.5 billion.

Thus, according to the Ministry, organic production is growing strongly in Spain, at all levels of the commercial chain, even if this growth is less marked in terms of consumption in the internal market: But the organic production sector of our country is characterized by its important contribution to the positive trade balance of the Spanish agri-food industry, due to the export activity it demonstrates. However, the presence of organic products from other countries is also noteworthy.

It is therefore considered essential to improve or improve marketing channels by working towards a more efficient distribution of organic products.

The European background…

In June 2004 the European Commission published the European Action Plan for Organic Food and Organic Farming to support European countries’ initiatives in this area over time, and defined 21 action points among those found; improve knowledge and promote consumption and marketing of organic products.