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Olive seed flour: novel product in harmony with the olive growing tradition

The olive tree (Olea europea L.) is considered the main tree of the Mediterranean area, since it offers us a basic food: olives, which produce olive oil, a food with excellent therapeutic properties.

Spain is the most important olive oil manufacturer in the world, being this the most characteristic and important food in the Mediterranean Diet. Compared to the countries of Northern Europe and some other Western countries, the countries located in the Mediterranean basin have lower mortality rates from cardiovascular disease and cancer. This is partly attributed to the consumption of olive oil.

But not only can we enjoy the olive fruit through its oil, but from this typical Mediterranean crop we can extract a flour with multiple applications.

The flour of the Olive Soul derives from the milling of the natural seed of the fruit of the olive, of the olive soul. It is obtained by mechanical separation of the olive bone, having multiple nutritional and nutraceutical characteristics ideal for special food applications such as functional foods.

olive seeds flour

At Q’omer® we offer the flour of “alma” de Oliva, a homogeneous powder of brown colour, soft and pleasant smell and characteristic flavor of the olive seed.

Natural properties

The flour of Oliva is known for having a high content of fiber and vegetable proteins.

High content in fibre

Regarding its high fiber content, regular dietary fiber consumption is very healthy and several studies have related it to healthy benefits such as:

Effects on the digestive system: With a higher intake of dietary fiber the intestinal content tends to be higher and this can contribute to the prevention of major intestinal disorders such as constipation, diverticulitis and cancer of the large intestine.

olive seeds flour

Cholesterol reduction: Recent observational studies show an inverse association between dietary fiber intake and the risk of coronary heart disease, because it reduces the absorption of cholesterol and also influences the metabolism of the liver in this sense, as well as the process of clearance of lipoproteins in the blood plasma.


In addition, the flour of “alma” Oliva is very rich in proteins, which are of vegetable origin and very interesting to supplement our diet. We currently consume a lot of animal proteins, forgetting that vegetables are not only a source of vitamins, fiber and other essential nutrients, they also provide us with proteins.

Although the appearance of certain diseases has to do with our intake of macronutrients as a whole, there are scientific studies that positively endorse the consumption of proteins of plant origin, which are inversely associated with body mass, overweight and obesity; as opposed to animal proteins.


The flour of “alma” from Oliva is a very versatile product that can be used in cosmetic products such as abrasive, and also as a skin conditioner; keeping it in good condition.

On the other hand; it is an ingredient with important nutritional properties very suitable for functional foods and fortified foods to increase their content in fiber and protein.

According to EC Regulation 1924/2006 on nutrition and health claims in food; the use of this ingredient may be declared as a ‘Source of protein’ when at least 12% of the energy of the food is provided by proteins.

You would be interested to know what…

This product is under the regulation corresponding to Royal Decree 2242/1984, which approves the Technical-Sanitary Regulations for the processing, circulation and trade of condiments and spices.

Q’omer® is interested in further research on the products offered by olive and their natural applications, being a raw material of great nutritional value and produced in our closest environment and consumed worldwide.

In addition, Q’omer® works to promote the consumption of natural products and offer them to consumers who are increasingly concerned about the origin of the products they purchase and their values focused on well-being and health.