Maca : natural properties and applications

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Have you ever tried a natural product so that I am able to restore vitality? Would you like to discover the traditional applications of this Andean product? Maca is a product with potential due to its high nutritional value and its highly active natural chemical compounds.

Maca (Lepidium meyenii) is an annual herbaceous plant native to the highlands of the central Peruvian Andes. From Q’omer® we are proud to know these Andean regions where underground storage hypocotyls of the maca plant have been a traditional medicinal agent and a staple food since pre-Columbian times.

Although it has been used since times of the Incas the Maca has been gaining popularity in recent years due to studies on its functional and nutritional properties, which makes Maca a good candidate for the nutraceuticals and food supplements market.

The most common way to find Maca is in the form of Maca Flour, most of this flour is obtained from those hypocotyls of the plant that were found underground, which have been dried outdoors for at least a few weeks in the traditional areas where it is grown, with the possible incorporation of an oven drying process.

Maca is being studied for its interesting phytochemical profile, it turns out to be a rich source of carbohydrates (around 59%), but it also contains proteins and turns out to have a high content in minerals such as potassium (2%) or iron(0.016 per cent). In addition to containing other metabolic compounds such as tannins, saponins and sterols, maca stands out for some bioactive substances which, precisely, have been called macamides.

Maca has proven to be a safe food because it has been traditionally and extensively used in the regions of Peru, Bolivia, and northwestern Argentina as a nutritious food for male and female fertility disorders, and to increase physical energy and mental capacity.

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Natural properties.

Among the biological activities that are characteristic of Maca, its capacity to improve fertility is highlighted. In the empire of the Incas, Maca was used to improve the fertility of human beings as well as livestock; because fertility rates were considered to be reduced at a high altitude in the Andean mountain range.

Thus, with the intake of Maca, an increase in sperm counts and an increase in the weight of the epididymis have been observed, as well as in the seminal volume and stimulates the formation of sperm. In addition, Maca has the ability to protect against the harmful effect of certain chemical compounds on the generation of new sperm. In relation to these properties, Maca has also given good results in improving sexual performance.

But not only is it interesting to improve male sexual health, it has been further researched on its effect on improving female fertility.

On the other hand, one of the most important characteristics of maca is its role in increasing vitality and tolerance to stress; being an interesting invigorating complement.

The administration of maca can reduce the effects of stress as it helps in the fight against increased secretion of certain hormones involved in the increase of stress sensations; influencing also other related parameters such as adrenal gland size and stress-induced ulcers.

In addition, maca, as we have commented, is abundant in proteins, unsaturated fatty acids and minerals. Therefore, its highly nutritious nature has also been proposed in studies as one of the reasons why it fights fatigue.


Because of these reasons, maca is an ideal ingredient for supplements and dietary supplements for athletes to enhance vitality or for supplements that are used to fight against moments of fatigue; and in addition, it is also interesting as a supplement to improve sexual abilities and fertility.

On the other hand, it is also advisable to study it for its nutritional properties, rich in vegetable proteins and unsaturated fatty acids to include it in nutritional supplements.

Maca is usually presented in the form of maca flour, but in Q’omeresen. we have a novel presentation obtained by pre-cooking maca flour: the gelatinized maca which is characterized by its easy digestibility.