Grade Blood: Natural Skin Healing and Recovery

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A resin of bright color and amazing properties recovered from the tradition in the heart of the jungle.

The Sangre de Grado is offered to us directly from nature, from the interior of a jungle tree found in tropical and subtropical America, from Southern Mexico to Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay.   Among the typical products of native Latin American biodiversity offered by Q’omer®, is the Natural Grade Blood Resin, a product obtained from the stem of the tree Croton lechleri Müll.Arg.

This characteristic resin of dark red color and astringent flavor is commonly called dragocoresina, being the name of this sap due to the resemblance with blood. To obtain it, transverse incisions are made over the cortex, through which it flows and is collected at the end of the cut.

The sap derived from this tree and other related Croton species has been thoroughly investigated, with an interesting phytochemical profile and in terms of Bioactivity.

This is characterized by Bioactive compounds of functional interest, such as peculiar lignans, proanthocyanidins, catechin, epicatequin, steroids and alkaloids (the most important being Taspina); other compounds such as ester of resin alcohol and phenylacetic acid stand out.

Natural properties

Among the traditional uses of this raw material, the most prominent is healing, attributed to the contraction of wounds, as it helps in the formation of crust quickly regenerating the skin and helping the formation of collagen. It has also been used for ulcer repair and vaginal scrubbing.

Thanks to a wide presence of Polyphenolic Compounds, other properties are attributed, such as anti-inflammatory, astringent, antiseptic and hemostatic.


It is a very versatile product for use in cosmetics because it is a perfect skin conditioner, leaving it soft and keeping it in good condition. It has also traditionally been applied to repair affected areas of the skin.

It is interesting to consider its high antioxidant potential.

On the other hand, recent scientific articles have revealed its possible use as an antitumour and cytotoxic therapeutic, as well as antimicrobial and antiviral.

You’re interested to know that…

The resin of Sangre de Grado is a product traditionally used by cultures from the humid tropical zones of central and South America for many years, with great tradition in popular medicine; The first written references date back to the 17th century.

Q’omer® knows and trusts in the properties of the resin Sangre de Grado being a purely natural product that can be of great use in the cosmetic industry or in parapharmacy. We are committed to offering natural and quality products and we do not stop worrying about advancing and investigating the properties of our raw materials.

Along with native communities and research centers, continue to promote the consumption of natural products and introduce them into a market with consumers increasingly concerned with the origin of the products they buy and increasingly rewarding the value of the natural, of care, health and well-being.

From Q’omer® we offer the natural resin of Grade Blood as one of the newest.