Looking to create unique beauty and personal care products that make a positive impact on the planet? 

Think sustainable natural cosmetics ingredients! Our ingredients, including Jojoba Oil, Rose Hip seed Oil, Hempseed Oil, or Meadowfoam Oil, are grown and processed in an environmentally responsible way, so you can enjoy the benefits of high quality cosmetics without harming the environment.  

It's not just the environment that benefits from these natural cosmetics ingredients. They also have properties that can improve consumer skin and hair health as well as their appearance. Sustainable natural ingredients can nourish your beauty and personal care products, whether you're looking for a humectant, moisturizer, fragrance, or skin conditioner.  

When you choose to use sustainable, natural ingredients in your cosmetic formulations, you're also supporting local agriculture and the rural communities that practice sustainable farming methods. So, in addition to making healthy and responsible beauty choices, you're also making a difference to the world around you.   Make the choice for natural beauty and sustainability with the use of sustainable natural ingredients in your cosmetics. The skin and hair of your consumers, and the planet too, will thank you for it!