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A few words about Q´omer ®

Born in the Amazon

Q'omer was born from a vital and personal experience in the Peruvian Amazon where we felt that the time had come to face three fundamental challenges: 1) to market ingredients of the highest value for people's health and well-being, 2) to respect the nature of the plant material and its environment, and 3) to economically and socially promote small producers.

Health & well-being

Trading ingredients of the highest value for people's health.

Respect for nature

Respect the nature of the plant material and its environment.

Small producers

Economically and socially promoting small producers.

Years of work to achieve this and to develop the technology to demonstrate it.

Q'omer is the first company to commercialise bioactive natural ingredients combining:

Science and technology

Sustainability and fair trade

Inclusive development

A social business model

It relies on biotechnology to guarantee the very high quality and efficiency of the products we market, dealing directly with customers and small producers and together with the traceability and supervision of an ethical and responsible supply chain.
Revolucionamos la comercialización al adoptar un nuevo enfoque como base de nuestra actividad, la conservación de la naturaleza y el desarrollo inclusivo en toda la cadena de suministro.