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A natural wonder of Latin America that offers us its essence


The Amazon is an ecological region characterized by its tropical rainforest, dense and humid, and by the intricate water system that has the axis of the Amazon River, the most plentiful and extensive in the world. It covers a very wide area, including Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru.

Feel like discovering more? We tell you little anecdotes of this green giant of the American continent.

The first European to reach the mouth of the Amazon was Vicente Yáñez Pinzón in 1500. Deceived by the amplitude of it, he thought it was a sea and he named it “Sweet sea”.

Traditionally the Amazon is assigned the second place in total length, behind the Nile, although there has never been a general consensus on what are the acceptable measuring points.

The Amazon carries more water than the Mississippi, Nile and Yangtze rivers combined. Its drainage area or basin is also the largest in the world. The Amazon is responsible for one-fifth of all freshwater incorporated into the Earth’s oceans. Such is the force with which the river discharges its waters to the Atlantic Ocean, being able to find fresh water at a distance where the coast is no longer visible.

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In most of the lowlands of the Amazon basin, forests remain flooded half the year. These floods are fundamental to the ecology of Amazonian ecosystems, as they increase the amount of habitat available for numerous species of aquatic plants and animals from the lower plains.

The effect of the Atlantic tides at the mouth of the Amazon reaches its highest level with the phenomenon called Pororoca which means “great noise”. This term is used to denote the penetration of Atlantic waters into the Amazon river bed during the high water season. The freshwater of the Amazon River causes the sea water to break, forming waves over them, which translates into a strong opposition between the two, which is the cause of the crash and the name of the phenomenon.

The Amazon area is still largely unexplored where you can find many native species, both flora and fauna. Its native populations have known how to live and live in this natural environment, and to extract from Mother Nature a great wealth of products and essences that today are being studied and discovered their great healthy properties and good for health and natural care.

Q’omer® was born to a great extent from an experience lived in this Amazonian reality, where its human team learned the importance of living in harmony with nature and the value of its natural products.

This information is compiled from the publication “Amazonía”, of the Spanish-Peruvian Cooperation Program of the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation.

Qomer amazonia


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