The Star Polyphenolic Compound of Olive Oil: HYDROXYTYROSOL

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Hydroxytyrosol: extensively related to antioxidant capacities, antievenjecimiento, antiiflamatoria and prevention of cardiovascular diseases.


The consumption of olive oil is very characteristic of the Mediterranean culture and is an indispensable element in its culinary culture. In major producing countries, such as Italy, Greece and Spain, it is widely preferred not only as salad dressing, but also as cooking fat, or in the preparation of vegetables and fish preserves; among other food applications.

The olive tree is considered as the main tree of the Mediterranean area, since it offers us a basic food, olives, which produce olive oil, food with excellent therapeutic properties. The first olive oil production took place around 6000 years ago on the Mediterranean coast. Since then, olive oil has been consumed for the beneficial properties it provides.

Unlike other vegetable oils, Oliva contains numerous phenolic substances, derived from olives during oil production and characterized by healthy properties and antioxidants. In addition, this is a much more chemically stable oil compared to other vegetable oils.

Qomer olive natural ingredients Hidroxitirosol

The molecules responsible for these healthy and antioxidant properties can now be isolated. In particular, hydroxytyrosol, which is present in olive oil, is responsible for its high stability due to its high antioxidant capacity, making it the most important polyphenolic compound.

Natural properties

Polyphenols are a heterogeneous group of molecules that share certain characteristics in their chemical structure, including benzene rings.

On the properties and mechanisms of hydroxytyrosol in human health there are many publications, in vitro and in vivo, which are added to the ability to provide stability to the oil against oxidation.

Its high antioxidant capacity in the prevention of various diseases, as demonstrated in numerous studies, is due to its great ability to neutralize free radicals, since these are the precursors of many health problems.

The main properties attributed to it are:


Prevention of cardiovascular diseases (CVD).

Hydroxytyrosol has been shown to be effective as an antioxidant and antithrombotic agent in in vitro and in vivo studies. It possesses cardioprotective capacity because it inhibits the oxidation of LDL (or cholesterol, or “bad”), prior to atherosclerosis. It also inhibits platelet aggregation that occurs in thrombosis.


It has a significant anti-inflammatory effect since it inhibits the production of pro-inflammatory compounds by human leukocytes such as leukotrienes.


It has a high antioxidant capacity that destroys free radicals and inhibits their chain reactions (scavengers). The excess of free radicals creates a favorable balance of oxidants against antioxidants, which implies the appearance of oxidative stress and cellular damage. Hydroxytyrosol plays an important role in delaying the aging processes caused by free radicals, thus blocking the appearance of external signs such as wrinkles, flaccidity and stains.

Anti-cancer activity.

It prevents the proliferation of cancer cells, especially breast and colon cancers.

Protection against UV radiation.

Hydroxytyrosol prevents damage to melanoma cells when exposed to harmful UV radiation.


Qomer olive oil ingredients Hidroxitirosol



The powerful effect that Hydroxytyrosol has on human health, makes it interesting to include it in nutritional supplements for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, especially for its cardioprotective capacity. It is a very relevant application since cardiovascular diseases are one of the main causes of mortality in the West.

In addition, it is very competent to give stability to oils and fats; and also because of its high antioxidant capacity can be included in food applications to protect other bioactive compounds from oxidation reactive chains.

In cosmetic applications, Q’omer® offers this interesting compound to include in creams and soothing lotions, for its anti-inflammatory properties.

You are interested to know what…


The fact that hydroxytyrosol has been consumed throughout history through olives and olive oil confirms that it is a safe and nutritious substance.

Olives, because of their composition, can be considered as such, because they open or promote appetite.

Its digestive properties can even be increased if mixed with other products such as aromatic herbs and can be a complementary ingredient in a wide variety of dishes, widely used in the Mediterranean diet.

Olive oil and in particular its compound Hydroxytyrosol is another of the flagship products promoted by Q’omer®, all from its philosophy of promoting the consumption of merely natural, healthy and healthy products. Q’omer therefore continues to search for and investigate new traditional applications and products, such as olive oil, in order to offer them to consumers.


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