Camu camu: Amazonian fruit rich in Vitamica C and antioxidants

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Discover Camu camu, an exotic food with many functional properties and surprising vitamin C content

Of all the resources that the Amazon region offers us, in Q’omer® we want to highlight the characteristics and functional properties of the Camu Camu, a shrub that grows in flooded soils of the humid regions of the forest, having its highest concentration in the Peruvian Amazon.

The Camu camu shrub produces orange-red berries about the size of a lime. This product is gaining popularity in the market of food supplements the more information is collected and the more it is influenced in the investigation of the biological properties of its phytochemical profile. Camu camu has been classified as one of the fruits with the highest Vitamin C content compared to the vast majority of fruits that we are used to consuming.

Thus Camu Camu is rich in Vitamin C, but it is also a nutritional source of β-carotenes and polyphenolic compounds. In addition, this antioxidant fruit contains good amounts of potassium, iron, calcium, phosphorus and important amino acids such as Serine, Valine and Leucine.

Natural properties.

The Camu camu is a very important fruit for the communities that live in the Peruvian Amazon, maintaining an ethno-medical use in the tradition of these communities for hundreds of years.

The most important property attributed to Camu Camu is the antioxidant, due not only to its content in Vitamin C, but also to its combined action by its natural polyphenols, such as flavanols, flavonols, flavanons, and anthocyans.

Thus, this fruit is very effective against oxidative stress. This term refers to the imbalance that occurs in our body between the amount of free radicals coming from metabolic reactions and the ability of our body to eliminate them.

It is interesting to know that Camu camu vitamin C also contributes to the correct absorption of a certain type of iron. In addition, Vitamin C is decisive in the reactions of collagen production, fibrous protein that is part of our joints and the skin, it is also part of the tissue of our blood vessels and contributes to their good condition, modulating blood pressure in some cases.

Scientific studies have focused on analyzing the anti-inflammatory power of Camu camu supplements and together with the antioxidant properties and the impact on the endothelium of the circulatory system has been proposed as a very interesting for preventing atherosclerosis.

On the other hand, antigenotoxic properties of Camu camu are also being studied.



Due to the interesting functional properties of the bioactive compounds of Camu Camu in the human organism this product is very susceptible to be used as a food supplement alone or in combination with other compounds potentially antioxidant.


It is also very appropriate to enjoy these antioxidant properties through cosmetic products to which you can incorporate your Vitamin C and polyphenols.


It is used in the manufacture of soft drinks, ice cream, jams and vinegar. Having high concentrations of ascorbic acid, pulp and shell are also used for the preparation of pharmaceutical products rich in vitamin C.


On the other hand, there are also experiences of using Camu camu compounds as whiteners for the cosmetic industry.


You are interested to know what…

Camu camu

The indigenous peoples of the Peruvian Amazon manually collect the fruit of natural plantations, which are usually located on the banks of the river and transport it in canoes or small boats for storage.

Camu Camu has approximately 40 times more Viamine C than orange, therefore its high degree of acidity and antioxidant capacity.

We offer Camu camu powder, obtained by several of the best raw material drying techniques. We offer Camu camu powder.

We work to promote the consumption of natural products and to introduce them in a market with consumers and consumers increasingly concerned with the origin of the products they buy and where they increasingly recognize the value of the natural, of care, health and well-being.