Renewing the Management of Commerce with Sustainability and Scientific Basis

From a life experience in the Peruvian Amazon is born the CHALLENGE of facing the social and economic reality of its inhabitants. A new approach is needed, where the centre is natural conservation as a source of life for people, but without neglecting to take advantage of the healthy, curative, palliative and regenerative potential of their natural resources.

Know us

We develop inclusive and sustainable businesses based on market needs and aligned with the capabilities of the entire supply chain.

Our mission is to contribute to the health and well-being of the population. Through scientific knowledge and experience in biotechnology, Q’omer® natural ingredients are effective, healthy, safe and sustainable, all ideal for the production of consumer products.

Commitment to the origin

At Q’omer® we are committed to nature and producing communities. The vast majority of our raw materials come from producing communities, where we apply fair and equitable trade principles, ensuring the sustainability of the supply chain as well as the quality of our ingredients.

Commitment to the destination

Through the use of biotechnology we qualify and quantify the quality of the Bioactive compounds naturally present in the natural ingredients Q’omer®. Under continuous scientific research, we offer our clients innovative proposals for the design of high quality finished products, aimed at improving people’s health and quality of life.

A phrase that sums up the quality of our brand

with our vision and commitment


We provide scientific information and knowledge about the activity and function of bioactive ingredients and natural products.


We provide strategic provisions from sustainable sources using life-cycle standards.


With Biotrade, Q’omer® promotes conservation practices and the responsible use of natural resources with environmental, economic and social sustainability standards.

Innovation in the food industry

We guarantee the presence of Bioactive components, their use in consumer products and their positive biological activity in public health.

The technological base and

innovation paves the way for

the creation of systems

and high quality products.

Empresa altamente especializada, basada en la tecnología que facilita el acceso a los ingredientes Bioactive y a los fabricantes de los productos que mejoran su salud.

Q’omer® diseña, desarrolla, comercializa y distribuye ingredientes Bioactivos y productos naturales mediante la aplicación de un modelo de negocio inclusivo y sostenible, basado en una cadena de suministro responsable.

Highly specialised, technology-based company that facilitates the access to BioActive ingredients and the makers of the products that better your health.

Q’omer® designs, develops, comercialises and distributes BioActive ingredients and natural products by applying an inclusive, sustainable business model; based on a chain of responsible supply.

Our brand Q’omer®

"Q’omer®" comes from Quechuan and means "green". This expression evokes the native and natural, encourages us to be responsible and respectful of natural resources and to enjoy the benefits that only nature can provide in a sustainable way.

We provide natural ingredients

healthy, effective and sustainable

ORIGIN: Crops and fair trade

Q’omer® promotes practices of conservation and responsible use of natural resources preserving biodiversity, with criteria of environmental, economic and social sustainability. We work with native and producing communities on criteria of respect and fair and equitable distribution of benefits.

THE PROCESS: Biotechnology and Quality

Our raw materials, products and natural ingredients come from biodiversity, all rich in bioactive compounds, including unsaturated fatty acids, phenolic compounds, probiotics, proteins, vitamins in addition to minerals, fibers, carotenoids, among others, that give them unique health properties such as adaptogens, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and also energizers, humectants, emollients, etc.

We apply biotechnology to determine the composition of raw materials and ensure the quality of their components, and in turn generate fields of active biomolecule research for the development of new products.

Fundador / CEO
Juan David -Juancho- Escobar
Proyectos Estratégicos
Leila Moulay
Comunicación / Asuntos Sociales
Alicia Carpio

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    Q’omer® has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund, which aims to improve the competitiveness of Smes, and has launched an International Digital Marketing Plan to improve its online positioning in foreign markets during 2017. It has been supported by the XPANDE DIGITAL Programme of the Chamber of Commerce of Valencia.