Mission and Commitments

“Our mission is to contribute to people’s health and well-being. Througth a scientific and technical knowledge in biotechnology, Q’omer B.I. supplies natural, efficacious, healthy, safe and sustainable ingredients to manufacturers of health-enhancing products worldwide.

Sustainability: we solve the need for strategic supply from sustainable sources. Our suply chain guarantees the origin and production of BioActive Ingredients and Natural products, applying the Life Cycle criteria.

Scientific: we solve the need for know-how and scientifically proven information on the presence and functional activity of BioActive Ingredients and Natural Products.

Agro-industry development and innovation: through the implementation of research, development and innovation models from biotechnology we ensure the presence of BioActive Compounds, their applicability into end products, as well as their positive biological activity on health and well-being.

Ethical approach: through the BioTrade, Q’omer B.I. Promotes practices of conservation and responsible use of natural resources with criteria of environmental, economic and social sustainability; Working under the criteria of respect, equity and conservation with farmers and native communities.”

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